Professional Video Production

Professional Video Production and Live Video Switching to add dynamism to your event. We seamlessly integrate multiple camera angles and multi-source input channels into live streamed events. Your professionally switched video will have smooth multi-camera transitions, multimedia integration, and a variety of graphical effects and overlays including digital watermarks, titling, branding slates, lower-third graphics and sponsor messaging.

HD Quality Line-Cuts during your conference live stream. We will create HD line-cut files for viewing, syndication and distribution.

Audiovisual Coordination for superior live video viewing. We will manage, integrate and synchronize audio, video and multimedia.

professional video production


Our skilled videographers execute every production with great care and attention to detail – from single camera videography for single speaker talks to directed, multi-camera videography for large events.

Expertise: XtrimTV videographers are experienced video production specialists – masters of both fundamental and advanced industry techniques. We have the experience and know-how to produce an impeccable video recording of your conference, event or meeting.

Equipment: XtrimTV’s production specialists use only state-of-the-art HD equipment to produce professional, polished footage that captures the excitement and character of your event.


Flexibility: XtrimTV camera crews understand that production requirements for even the best planned events often change at the last minute. We’ll work tirelessly to accommodate shifting demands from speakers, venue personnel or third party service providers.

Multimedia Integration

Live Video Switching: XtrimTV production directors add dynamism to your event with live video switching. We seamlessly integrate multiple camera angles, graphical effects, multimedia and sponsor branding.

Sponsor Branding: We’ll integrate graphic overlays into your live stream to help frame your event for a global online audience in real-time. Maximize your brand and sponsors’ visibility with watermarks at key moments, or integrating multimedia slates during intervals.

Presentation Slides: XtrimTV production directors add context with presentation slide integration. We integrate charts, graphs and other multimedia files to enrich video of your conference, event or meeting.

HD Line Cuts: XtrimTV’s onsite technicians will record and create high-definition broadcast quality line cuts during the live stream of your event. This footage can be posted within 24 hours for on-demand viewing, syndication and distribution.